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The world's first systematic stock market timing forecast based on The Book of Change
By the evidential stock market movement that verifies the true meaning within the Book


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Tickers (tabs) are sorted from left to right in descending order on the forecast date.

1. Each market has two doors: Open and Close.
2. In theory, Open leads market up; Close, to down.
3. In reality, the extent of how the market will Open or Close is expressed by the forecast.
4. Repetitive forecast: a direction that is above or beyond the door is being emphasized.

Examples by using VIX (the fear index for SPX):
2014.07.31 forecast on Close:
Deliberating over joyfulness, SPX is not at ease.
Keep away from disease/illness, then there is happiness.
2014.10.16 note: By RUT-forecst, "it" will be contained and joy will come.

2009.03.17 forecast on Open:
(Metaphore) SPX is like a king who has influential power on the foundation,
do not immerse in pity and worry. If able to join this king and become
a member of his household, good fortune.

2008.09.29 forecast on Close:
(Metaphore) SPX is like a well, no water comes out because the well is being
tiled; no fault for doing so. (However, people may be panic if they do not
know this situation.)

2001.09.04 forecast on Close:
(Metaphore) SPX has missed his chance, the chance has gone away, like a bird
flying away, this is a sign of misfortune, calamity, and trouble.

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